Alexis Michail

Alexis Michail

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Username * schwertfisch
Country * Greece
City Kavala
Nationality Greek



I was born in 1978 in Kavala, Greece, I finished school here, then I graduated the Polytechnic school of Xanthi Greece, as an Environmental Engineer and later received a post graduate course on Hydraulics from the Dpt. of Civil Engineers. Now I work as a permanent public servant at the Municipality of Kavala, Greece, as an environmental engineer, planning and supervising public works (of the environmental sector). I have been designing on computer since the late 80s when I used a really simple designing package on a Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Later I used simple 3d software on an Amiga 500 and since 2005 I have been dedicating all my spare time on mastering 3d Studio Max and other peripheral software. I am already an advanced user of Adobe Photoshop, which is of course merely a basic tool for 3d modeling.